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About Us

Whiz Kidz Learning Center believes that children who have a strong foundation on kindness and compassion will go a long way. We believe that raising children who practice humility at such a young age will help mold the world and make it a better place. Our staff will be able to give your child the best learning experience they could ever have.

Our facility has all the essential tools to give your child’s learning a boost. And so, together with our equally experienced staff, your child will have no problem in handling all the tests that might come their way. Our teaching staffs are constantly researching on creative ways to bring children more learning using fun activities.

With all the bright and beautiful young children that your children can be learning with, they will surely be ready for the big school here at Whiz Kidz Learning Center. We know that every child has a different capability from the other, which is why we always look at their progress each and every day. We try to fortify where they are very good at and improve where they are learning slow at.

Start your child’s love of learning young at Whiz Kidz Learning Center.

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