Whiz Kidz Learning Center

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Toddler/2 Year Old

One does not stop learning till the end of their lives. That learning may not be like the ABCs, but as simple as getting to know your children better is already something that you can never replace. Never underestimate young minds. They always brew up the most unlikely things you could think of! At Day Care, we witness this every day. The faculty at Whiz Kidz Learning Center consider it an honor to have your child in our day care program and we hope to meet their developmental needs to the fullest.

Our day care activities provide a perfect avenue for your child’s development. These activities include but are not limited to:

  • Learning Languages – Vocal and Sign
  • Learning about the Days of the Week
  • Learning Simple Words
  • Outdoor Games and Activities
  • Creative Expression with Sentence Construction
  • Learning about Weather and Seasons
  • Forming Numbers and Letters
  • Learning About Colors
  • Story Telling